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Christianity Explored Handbook


Author: Rico Tice
Publisher: David Cook
ISBN: 9781907377594
Year of Publication: 2011
Pages: 64
Sub-title: Study Guide
leaders guide

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Christianity Explored is a seven-week course that introduces people to Jesus Christ. Week by week, as course participants explore Mark's Gospel, they address three questions that cut to the heart of Christianity: Who is Jesus? Why did he come? What does it mean to follow him?

This Study Guide includes all the questions and group discussion points for each topic covered. It provides brief outlines of each of the talks and contains extra 'home study' questions relating to each week.

Table of Contents

Session 1      Good news: What are we doing here?
Session 2      Identity: Who is Jesus?
Session 3      Sin: Why did Jesus Come?
Session 4      The cross: Why did Jesus die?
Session 5      Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?
Session 6      Grace: How can God accept us?

Day Away      The sower: Listen carefully
                    James and John: Ask humbly
                    Herod: Choose wisely

Session 7      Come and die: What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Extras           Can we rely on Mark's Gospel?

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