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Christianity Explored Leader's Guide


Author: Rico Tice
Publisher: David Cook
ISBN: 9781907377587
Year of Publication: 2011
Pages: 256
Sub-title: Leaders Guide
study guide

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This Leader's Guide contains everything you need to lead a seven-session Christianity Explored course.

  • Train yourself and others to explain the Christian message through the Gospel of Mark
  • Take participants through each session
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Organize and run the "day away"
  • Present the talks using the outlines included, or show the Christianity Explored DVD

This third edition of the course has been thoroughly revised and updated, and contains much new material. Christianity Explored was originally developed by Rico Tice at All Souls church, Langham Place in London, UK.

Table of Contents

Section 1: How to Run the Course

Getting started
Choosing and training leaders
Inviting people to come

Training modules:

  1. Why evangelize?
  2. God's role in evangelism - and ours
  3. Being a Christianity Explored leader
  4. Before the course
  5. During the course..
  6. Identity, mission and call in Mark's Gospel
  7. After the course
  8. Getting our expectations right

Section 2: Study guide

Session 1: Good news: What are we doing here?
Session 2: Identity: Who is Jesus?
Session 3: Sin: Why did Jesus come?
Session 4: The cross: Why did Jesus die?
Session 5: Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?
Session 6: Grace: How can God accept us?
Note about day away
Session 7: Come and die: What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Section 3: Day away

Before you go
Day Away teaching material


Bible talks
Answering tough questions
Questions from Mark's Gospel
Questions about Christian belief
Can we rely on Mark's Gospel?

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