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How God Became King


Author: N.T. Wright
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9780061730573
Year of Publication: 2012
Pages: 282
Sub-title: The Forgotten Story of The Gospels

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Foundational: The four gospels come directly from the ancient church and are among the primary sources for the church's teachings.

Familiar: Since Christian worship services began, a reading from the gospels has played a central role.

Studied: For over two hundred years scholars have challenged and defended the central claims of the gospels: miracles, historical accuracy, the divinity of Jesus, and more.

But Forgotten: Still, leading Bible scholar N.T. Wright reveals shocking news: We have all forgotten what the four gospels are about.

"Despite centuries of intense and heavy industry expended on the study of all sorts of features of the gospels," Wright writes, "we have often managed to miss the main thing that they, all four of them, are most eager to tell us. What we need is not just a bit of fine-tuning, and adjustment here and there. We need a fundamental rethink about what the gospels are trying to tell us."

What Wright offers is an opportunity to confront these powerful texts afresh, as if we are encountering them for the first time. How God Became King reveals the surprising, unexpected, and shocking news of the gospels: this is the story of a new king, a new kind of king, a king who has changed everything, and a king who invites us to be part of his new world.

Table of Contents


One: The Empty Cloak
  1: The Missing Middle
  2: The Opposite Problem
    All Body, No Cloak
  3: The Inadequate Answers

Two: Adjusting The Volume
  4: The Story of Israel
  5: The Story of Jesus as the Story of Israel's God
  6: The Launching of God's Renewed People
  7: The Clash of the Kingdoms

Three: The Kingdom And The Cross
  8: Where We Get Stuck
    Enlightenment, Power, and Empire
  9: Kingdom and Cross in Four Dimensions
  10: Kingdom and Cross
    The Remaking of Meanings

Four: Creed, Canon, and Gospel
  11: How to Celebrate God's Story

Further Reading

Scripture Index

Endorsements for N.T. Wright

"No one living today is writing more thoughtfully and compellingly about Christian theology than N.T. Wright."
Jon Meacham, author of American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House

"N.T. Wright is simply crucial; his writing can transform one's life."
Anne Rice, author of Christ the Lord

"Tom Wright is, as always, brilliant at distilling immense scholarship into vivid, clear and accessible form."
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

"I can't think of anyone who has done more to clarify what thoughtful, historic Christianity looks like in our day than Tom Wright."
John Ortberg, author of The Me I Want to Be

"N.T. Wright is uniquely qualified to convey the enduring substance of Christian life and thought to contemporary people who need to find it. No one writing today surpasses his awareness of the issues that must be dealt with by the seeker, or his ability to deal with these issues fairly, adequately, forcefully."
Dallas Willard, author of The Divine Conspiracy

"Brilliant Bishop Wright is one of God's best gifts to our decaying Western church."
J.I. Packer, professor of theology, Regent College

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