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Center Church

Author: Timothy Keller
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310494188
Year of Publication: 2012
Pages: 396
Subtitle: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City
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Gospel. City. Movement.

Today many pastors are struggling to adapt to a post-Christian culture without abandoning orthodox theology. How do we communicate the concepts of grace and substitutionary atonement in our globalized culture and context?

In Center Church, Timothy Keller offers challenging insights and provocative questions based on over twenty years of ministry in New York City. This book outlines a theological vision for ministry - applying classic doctrines to our time and place - organized around three core commitments:
  • Gospel-centered: The gospel of grace in Jesus Christ changes everything, from our hearts to our community to the world. It completely reshapes the content, tone, and strategy of all that we do.
  • City-centered: Cities increasingly influence our global culture and affect the way we do ministry. With a positive approach toward our culture, we learn to affirm that cities are wonderful, strategic, and underserved places for gospel ministry.
  • Movement-centered: Instead of building our own tribe, we seek the prosperity and peace of our community as we are led by the Holy Spirit


Part One: Gospel Theology
  1. The Gospel Is Not Everything
  2. The Gospel Is Not a Simple Thing
  3. The Gospel Affects Everything
Part Two: Gospel Renewal
  1. The Need for Gospel Renewal
  2. The Essence of Gospel Renewal
  3. The Work of Gospel Renewal

Part Three: Gospel Contextualization

  1. Intentional Contextualization
  2. Balanced Contextualization
  3. Biblical Contextualization
  4. Active Contextualization

Part Four: City Vision

  1. The Tension of the City
  2. Redemption and the City
  3. The Call to the City
  4. The Gospel for the City

Part Five: Cultural Engagement

  1. The Cultural Crisis of the Church
  2. The Cultural responses of the Church
  3. Why Al the Models Are Right....and Wrong
  4. Cultural Engagement through Blended Insights

Part Six: Missional Community

  1. The Search for the Missional Church
  2. Centering the Missional Church
  3. Equipping People for Missional Living

Part Seven: Integrative Ministry

  1. The Balance of Ministry Fronts
  2. Connecting People to God
  3. Connecting People to One Another
  4. Connecting People to the City
  5. Connecting People to the Culture

Part Eight: Movement Dynamics

  1. Movements and Institutions
  2. The Church as an Organized Organism
  3. Church Planting as a Movement Dynamic
  4. The City and the Gospel Ecosystem


In this important book, Tim Keller unpacks the gospel and gently but firmly reminds us that it is nonnegotiable. At the same time, he enables us to think through how we can responsibly interact with the culture, how we can - indeed, must - appreciate good things within it, and how we can firmly and faithfully apply the gospel to it. - D.A. Carson, research professor of N T, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Most of us observe and see the obvious. Tim observes and sees that which is unseen by others - especially when it comes to the truth of God's Word and the culture of the day. Once again, he has given us deeper insights - this time regarding the church and how she can experience her healthiest potential.- Randy Pope, Pastor, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Center Church  is not only a doctrinally rigorous and socially perceptive explanation of a sustained and remarkable work of God in Manhattan but also a hugely important, original, and timely call to mission that is appropriately contextualized for contemporary urban culture. We need to carefully learn from these principles if we are to reach our cities for Christ. - Richard Coekin, director, Co-Mission church planting network, London, England

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Center Church
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