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Understanding Jesus

Author : Joe Amaral
Publisher: Faith Words
ISBN: 9780446584760
Year of Publication : 2011
Pages: 191
Sub-title: Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ

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"The fact that Jesus took on Jewish flesh means we can't fully appreciate what He said and did unless we know the Jewish culture of His day. Joe Amaral sheds significant new light on the person and work of the Messiah and by digging deeper into the Hebraic roots of the New Testament text."
-Wayne Hilsden, Senior Pastor, King of kings Community, Jerusalem

"Joe Amaral's UNDERSTANDING JESUS is a must read for anyone who is serious about determining the true meaning of Jesus ' teachings. Amaral's knowledge of First Century Jewish life presents Jesus in His original cultural context. In doing so, many misunderstood or difficult passages are brought to life."
-Dr. Dan Bahat, former District Archeologist of Jerusalem

"Joe Amaral's insights into first century Jewish culture will be of great benefit for anyone who is looking to discover and understand the original historical meaning of Jesus' teachings. I recommend heartily this reader-friendly book."
-Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College

Table Of Contents
  1. Jesus and John
  2. The Ministry in Galilee
  3. At the Feast in Jerusalem
  4. The Ministry in Judea
  5. The Final Week in Jerusalem
  6. Crucifixion to Pentecost
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