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Empty Promises

Author: Pete Wilson
ISBN: 9780849946516
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Year: 2012
Pages: 210
Sub:title:  The Truth about you, your desires, and the lies you're believing
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We all long for more of something in our lives. In our endless pursuit to feel worth and acceptance we find ourselves sacrificing everything for the promise to be a little more beautiful, a little richer, a little more powerful and successful, a little more loved.

How do we break free from these empty pursuits and start chasing the only Promise that will ever satisfy? How do we uncover the hidden idols that are driving us and turn our devotion toward the one true God?

Join Pastor and best-selling author Pete Wilson in discovering the joy and freedom that comes with seeking after God with your whole life. Learn how to replace, and not just relinquish, life's empty promises by turning your focus and worship toward Him. It is the only thing that will set you absolutely free from the endless pursuit of everything else.


"if you've ever gotten to the end of yourself-financially, physically, emotionally-and realized that you don't have all you need to do all that God has called you to do, then you've come face-to- face with the empty promises of idolatry. Pete Wilson's book can help you. Through his integrity as a man of God, and his experience leading a high-impact, fast-paced church, he has unlocked some practical and challenging insights that will lead you to a deeper relationship with Christ".                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Steven Furtick Lead Pastor, Elevation Church Author, Sun Stand Still

"Empty Promises gives hope to those who need a jolt. It's a powerful reminder that God alone can fill your inner emptiness. Pete Wilson is the real deal. And this book is an essential tool for understanding the real you. We all long for something more in our lives. Empty Promises provides the framework to uncover God's best for us. God's first commandant to us regarding idols is brought to life in a practical way. A wake up call to our generation.                                                                              -Brad Lomenick  Executive Director, Catalyst

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Deceptively Good

Chapter 2: The Aware Life

Chapter 3: The Seduction of Achievement

Chapter4: Addicted to Approval

Chapter5: The Perils of Power

Chapter6: Money Always Wants to Be More Than Money

Chapter 7: Religious Lies

Chapter8: Addicted to Beauty

Chapter9: Chasing a Dream

Chapter10: You Are What You Worship

Chapter11: Living Close to Truth

Chapter 12: Soul Satisfaction

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