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What Every Pastor Should Know

What Every Pastor Should Know

Author: Gary L. McIntosh and Charles Arn

Publisher: McIntosh and Arn

ISBN: 9780801014352

Year of Publication: 2013

Pages: 268


Price: $19.50 ($20.48 incl. TAX)

Pastors and church leaders are constantly faced with tough questions. What size staff does the church need? How many workers are needed in the nursery this month? When is the right time to start a second worship service? How many people should we train for evangelism this year? How does seating and parking impact worship attendance. What Every Pastor Should Know offers 101 valuable rules and time-tested wisdom to help answer real-life ministry questions. From advertising to facilities to visitation, this valuable book offers the practical help you need, just when you need it most. This comprehensive guide will become one of the most valuable book in you library.

Table of contents

1. Ministry Rules for Evangelism and Outreach

2. Ministry Rules for Visitors

3. Ministry Rules for Worship

4. Ministry Rules for Connecting with and Assimilating Newcomers

5. Ministry Rules for small Groups

6. Ministry Rules for Christian Education

7.  Ministry Rules for Love and Caring

8. Ministry Rules for Volunteer Involvement

9. Ministry Rules for Programs

10. Ministry Rules try Rules for Staff and Leadership

11. Ministry Rules for Facilities

12. Ministry Rules  for finances

13. Ministry Rules  for change

14. Ministry Rules for revitalization

15. Ministry Rules  for Demographics


"This book is fantastic! There is no doubt that it will be on my shelf as a reference for years to come".                                                                              -Thomas S. Rainer, president  and CEO, Life Way




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