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Simply Jesus

Author: N.T. Wright
Publsiher: Harper
ISBN: 9780062084392
YEAR: 2011
Pages: 240
Sub-title: A new vision of who He was, what He did, and why He matters
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We have grown used to the battles over Jesus--whether he was human or divine, whether he could do miracles or just inspire them, whether he even existed. Much of the church defends tradition, while critics take shots at the institution and its beliefs. But what if these debates have masked the real story of Jesus? What if even Jesus's defenders have been so blinded by their focus on defending the church's traditions that they have failed to grapple with what the New Testament really teaches?

Bible scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author N. T. Wright summarizes a lifetime of study of Jesus and the New Testament in order to present for a general audience who Jesus was and is. In Simply Jesus, we are invited to hear one of our leading scholars introduce the story of the carpenter's son from Nazareth as if we were hearing it for the first time.

"Jesus--the Jesus we might discover if we really looked," explains Wright, "is larger, more disturbing, more urgent than we had ever imagined. We have successfully managed to hide behind other questions and to avoid the huge, world-shaking challenge of Jesus's central claim and achievement. It is we, the churches, who have been the real reductionists. We have reduced the kingdom of God to private piety; the victory of the cross to comfort for the conscience; Easter itself to a happy, escapist ending after a sad, dark tale. Piety, conscience, and ultimate happiness are important, but not nearly as important as Jesus himself." As the church faces the many challenges of the twenty-first-century,


  1. A Very Odd Sort of King
  2. The Three Puzzles
  3. The Perfect Storm
  4. The Making  of a First-Century Storm
  5. The Hurricane

     6. God's in Charge Now

     7. The Campaign Starts Here

     8. Stories That Explain and a Message That Transforms 

     9. The Kingdom Present and Future

     10. Battle and Temple

     11. Space, Time, and Matter

     12. At the Heart of the Storm

     13. Why Did the Messiah Have to Die?

     14. Under New Management: Easter and Beyond

    15. Jesus: The Ruler of the World

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Simply Jesus
$23.51 with TAX
You Save$5.60 (20%)