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Author : John Mark Comer
Publisher : Zondervan
ISBN : 9780310337263
Year : 2013
Pages : 300
Sub-title : God.Love.Marriage. Sex. And the never-ending story of male and female

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In the beginning, God created Adam. Then he made Eve.

And ever since we’ve been picking up the pieces.

Loveology is just that—a theology of love.

With an autobiographical thread that turns a book into a story, pastor and speaker John Mark Comer shares about what is right in male/female relationships—what God intended in the Garden. And about what is wrong—the fallout in a post-Eden world.

Loveology starts with marriage and works backward. Comer deals with sexuality, romance, singleness, and what it means to be male and female; ending with a raw, uncut, anything goes Q and A dealing with the most asked questions about sexuality and relationships.

This is a book for singles, engaged couples, and the newly married—both inside and outside the church—who want to learn what the Scriptures have to say about sexuality and relationships. For those who are tired of Hollywood’s propaganda, and the church’s silence. And for people who want to ask the why questions and get intelligent, nuanced, grace-and-truth answers, rooted in the Scriptures.  


  1. Love
  2. Marriage
  3. Sex
  4. Romance
  5. Male and female


With refreshing honestly, wit, and compassion, John Mark Comer delivers a compelling dare to claim (or reclaim) purpose and freedom on the lifelong journey of love, marriage, and sex.  Authored in the tension of biblical depth and personal vulnerability, Loveology offers clarity and hope to a generation in desperate need of it.  I recommend this book to anyone seeking truth and direction as they navigate the murky waters of postmodern relationships and sexuality.  Todd Proctor, lead pastor of Rock Harbor Church, Costa Mesa, California.

In a time when people are drowning in a sea of definitions, my friend John Mark Comer has brilliantly define love, marriage, and sexuality in ways that find rescue in the ways of the kingdom and teachings of Jesus.  This is a much-needed tool in a culture where so many lack clarity. Chuck Bomar, pastor of Colossae Church and author of Better Off without Jesus.

John Mark Comer is a friend of mine who doesn't just talk about love; he's been living it. This is the kind of book you'll want to pick up to read, but then you'll want to put it down and go do things.  Big things.  Things that point you and others toward a big God who has in mind big love for the world. Bob Goff, author of Love Does and honorary consul for the Republic of Uganda.

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