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Charity Detox

Author: Robert D. Lupton
Publisher: HarperOne
ISBN: 9780062307286
Year: 2015
Pages: 196
Sub-Title: What Charity would look like if we cared about results
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Continuing the revolution he started in Toxic Charity, veteran urban activist Robert D. Lupton pulls back the curtain on a scandal most people don't want to see: most charity work either is ineffective or, worse, hurts the people it is trying to help.  In Charity Detox, he shows the way forward, using models for charity that incorporate the practices and some of the goals of the best-run businesses.  Here is a model that not only has been proven to work, but is something that can restore our hopes and dreams for what is possible.


  1. The Bad News About Good Works
  2. Partnering with Business
  3. Social Entrepreneurs
  4. Return on Investment
  5. Meeting Market Demands
  6. Reciprocal Exchange: Food
  7. The Three Rs of Community Development
  8. Gentrification with Justice: Education and Economic Development
  9. For-Profit Missions: International Development

" Lupton is one of the sharpest, freshest, sassiest community developers out there.  He is helping us all become wiser so that we don't settle for charity when we could have justice." -Share Claiborne, author of Irresistible Revolutions

While reading Charity Detox , the lyrics 'How can it be wrong when it feels so right?'  were buzzing in my head.  That is the tension Lupton deftly describes with compassion and practical illustrations of how we can change." --Fred Smith, president of the Gathering.

"Lupton reaches the profound conclusion that wealth creations must replace wealth redistribution of poverty reduction is the goal.  The implications for nonprofit- and for-profit-minded individuals and organizations are enormous,.  As Dilbert once quipped, the sound you hear is a paradigm shifting without a clutch." --John Coors, president and chairman of Coors Tek

If more organizations adopted these practices, there really could be a better future ahead for all of us, not just the poor." --Kirkus Reviews

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