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Lead Vertically

Author: Craig Johnson
Publisher: BakerBooks
ISBN : 9780801018800
Year: 2010
Pages: 216
Sub-Title: Inspire People to Volunteer

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When leaders inspire their teams with a vision of what is possible, passion meets production.....and truly great things happen.
As director of ministries at Lakewood Church in Houston--the largest and fastest-growing church in America--Craig Johnson oversees thousands of staff members, lay leaders, and volunteers.  He knows that meeting short-term goals is important, but he also recognizes that teams grow and grow stronger when they have a big dream to fulfill.  After all, people can live with disappointment, but not without hope.

Are you challenging your team (and yourself) to dream? Are you inspiring those who follow you? Lead Vertically shows you how to motivate your team by consistently and clearly communicating that the best are ahead.  You'll learn how to foster personal trust and turn the tide of negativity with tools that are easily adaptable for teams of any size.  Plus, you'll find tips and exercises for recruiting, training, and strengthening teams.
It all starts with you......because building up---leading vertically----begins in the heart.


  1. Building the Vertical Leader
  2. The Heart of a Child and the Will of a Warrior
  3. Destiny Seeds
  4. The Influence of Inspiration
  5. Dream Makers
  6. Dream Breakers
  7. The Goal Is Never More Important than the Person
  8. Reputations "R' Us
  9. The Money Fish
  10. Become a Student of Human Behavior
  11. The Right Approach Activates the Best Response
  12. The Art of Change
  13. Commitment Levels Are Gauged by Fulfillment levels
  14. When a Team Becomes a Family

"Craig Johnson is an inspirational leader.  Those of us who have the privilege of working close to him can testify to his unique ability to motivate and inspire people to follow the vision he articulates.  This book is a wonderful tool for all who read it.  You will find the help you need to  become a better leader.  - Marcos Witt --Composer, Singer, and Author Spanish Pastor, Lakewood Church Houston, Texas

 How do we as Christian leaders mark success?  Is it by achieving fancy programming or getting through intense to-do lists?  Is it by making grand profits at any cost?  In Lead Vertically, Craig Johnson refocuses a leader's values and vision.....ultimately bringing everything back to the truth about success, what it means, what it takes, and how to implement these heart ideas through your team.  Be inspired as you read.  Darlene Zschech - Singer and Songwriter Co-Senior Pastor, Hope Unlimited Church New South Wales, Australia
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