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An Insider's Guide to Praying for the World

Author:  Brian C. Stiller
ISBN:  9780764217272
Publisher:  Bethany House
Published:  2016
Pages:  275

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The world is getting smaller. Cutting ourselves off from Christians around the world is not an
option. In many countries, the rise of persecution fuels concerns over the safety and rights of
believers, while other nations that used to be closed to the gospel are seeing unprecedented
numbers of conversions to Christianity. As global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance,
what Dr. Brian Stiller experiences on the ground in these nations is often counter to our
impressions. As he listens to people’s ideas and observes their innovations, he invites you to see
and hear what he does.

An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World   includes country-specific insights calling us to a
deeper understanding of the Christian church and witness. Each chapter also provides prayer
challenges that come from believers in the country as well as maps and sample prayers. Nations
from every continent are included.
• Country-by-country prayer guide
• Inspiring faith stories
• On-the-ground insights
• Up-to-date maps

Table of Contents
How to Use This Book for Prayer
1. Somalia -  Sometimes One Needs a Warlord
2. South Africa - Prayer and National Building
3. Cambodia - Surviving the Killing Fields
4. Sri Lanka - Pearl of the Indian Ocean
5. Caring for the Vulnerable - Sometimes It Takes a Broken Heart to Heal Another
6. Mozambique - Finding Answers on an ATV
7. Albania - When Blood Is the Only Solution
8. Romania - A Prime Minister Steps In
9. China - Homeless and Forgotten in a Crowd
10. Syria - A Battlefield of Many Nations
11. Ethiopia - A Door Closes, a Door Opens
12. Haiti - Pearl of the Antilles
13. India - Over a Billion, and Growing
14. Japan - Punching Above Their Weight
15. Prison Ministry - A Beautiful Moment in an Awful Place
16. Egypt - A First-Century Miracle in Twenty-First-Century Garb
17. Rwanda - The Devil Never Travels Solo
18. Rwanda—Bishop John - Guiding a Nation in Finding Salvation
19. South Korea - The Second Largest Missionary-Sending Country
20. Honduras - Hope Matters
21. Colombia -
The Way Forward
22. Nicaragua - Before and After
23. Indonesia - A Jaw-Dropper
24. Vietnam - A Place of Surprises
25. Vietnam—Evangelist Nick - Serendipity Redefined
26. Kazakhstan - Landlocked but Finding Freedom of Faith
27. Thailand - The Power of Indigenous Leadership
28. Laos - Standing on Holy Ground
29. Lebanon - A Country Squeezed by Neighbors
30. The World Prayer Movement - It Is Happening Around the Globe
31. Turkey Where Christian Faith Was Almost Snuffed Out
32. Ukraine - Which Road Ahead?
33. Persecution and Martyrdom - The Price of Believing
34. Venezuela - A Country on the Edge
35. The Pope - It Matters That He Is Wise
36. Malaysia - “Allah” Outlawed for Christians
37. Kenya - A Canary in a Mine Shaft
38. Muslims - Why Rage Over Burning a Qur’an?
39. South Sudan - Turning Swords Into Plowshares
40. Greece - Few Countries Are More “Christian” Than Greece
41. Burma/Myanmar - As Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves
42. Nepal - A View From the Top of the World
43. Bangladesh - A Young Country With Ancient Needs
44. Palestine - Political Complexity Is Not Its Only Story
45. The Czech Republic - In the Heart of Secular Europe
46. The Philippines - Missions Take Many Forms
47. Lithuania - Resisting the Skeptical, Believing the Impossible
48. Finding New Places of Spirit Empowerment - A Surprising Saga
49. Poland - Where the Church Held a Country Together
50. Russia - Search for Identity
51. Prison Ministries - In the Darkness, Light Shines Its Best
52. Mexican Prisons - Not What I Expected on the Inside

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