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Deepening Your Roots in God's Family - Calvary Chapel Discipleship #2 (Canada)

Author: Ron Oertli, The Navigators
ISBN: 97816314678490
Publisher:  Navpress
Year: 2016
Pages: 147
Discussion Time: 60 min.
Prep Time: 60-90 min.
Book Two  of the Calvary Chapel Discipleship Series
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Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  Simply put, Christians are born but disciples are made.  Jesus taught and modeled this for us with his band of followers in the Gospels.

"The three books of the Calvary Chapel Discipleship Series (aka 2:7 Series) are practical and effective tools.  They give structure and definition to the discipleship-making process.  They can be used in small home groups, men’s/women’s groups, triad groups, or one to one.  Remember, there are no magic formulas.  Books don’t make disciples.  Courses don’t make disciples.  It is disciples that make disciples." - Pastor Ed Hickey, CC London

 This book is the second of three books.  Both the new believer and the mature believer will find its contents filled with transferable concepts.  As one life impacts another, these tools can be used over and over again.


Memorize several classic Bible verses that you will use for a lifetime.  Experience an extended time alone with God.  Think through your own spiritual history so that you can express it to someone not yet committed to Christ.

"Rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."  -- Colossians 2:7

When a tree takes root, burrowing deep into the soil, it's not long before the action is mirrored above grown. 
New branches shoot out.  Green, healthy leaves appear.  Even the trunk grows sturdier, more storm-resistant.

And so it is with you.  The deeper you root your life in Christ, the stronger you'll become.

Each book in THE 2:7 SERIES contains a dual focus:  personal growth and sharing your life in Christ.  This second study in the series will help you learn how to make Christ the Lord of your life.  Then you'll discover how easy it is to branch out by reviewing your spiritual life and sharing it with others.  With its biblical and practical approach to discipleship, this workbook will yield long-term, life-changing results, such as:

  • A closer relationship with God
  • A desire and method to memorize Scripture passages
  • A cohesive, useful personal testimony
  • The ability to spend extended times with God

Reviewing the Goals of Book 1 in THE 2:7 SERIES
Principles for Memorizing Scripture
Practical Suggestions on Prayer
Maturing in Christ  (Bible Study)
Relationship Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare  (Bible Study)
Faith and the Truths of God  (Bible Study)
Knowing God's Will  (Bible Study)
Suggestions for Developing Friendships with Non-Christians
Walking as a Servant  (Bible Study)
Why Prepare "My Story"
The Grape Illustration
Effective "My Story"  Preparation
Scripture Memory Guide -- Week 8
Lead-In and Ways to Close "My Story"
My Heart -- Christ's Home, by Robert Boyd Munger
How to Spend a Day in Prayer,  by Lorne C. Sanny
Making a Worry List
Extended Time with God
The Challenge Continues ...


“For years I struggled to find a tool that would help with what I referred to as systematic discipleship.  When I was finally introduced to the 2:7 Series, I found something that provided the structure and definition I was looking for.  In it are tools for making disciples that will make disciples.  I continue to come back to it time and time again.”
Pastor Matt Rowan, Christ the King CC  British Columbia, Canada

“Jesus told us to go and make disciples.  As a pastor that takes intentionality and investment seriously, I’ve turned to the 2:7 Series again and again over the years to fulfill that command.  It starts with the basics and lays down a foundation that is rich in wisdom and practical in its application.  I would highly recommend this series to any person who is serious about making disciples.”
Pastor Dale Baldwin, Calvary Chapel Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

“The first night of the first group I did of the 2:7, one of the men began to weep after we prayed to open up the session.  He said he was so happy, because he had been a Christian for 20 years and had always wanted someone to sit down and take the time to show him how to live the Christian life.  This is a foundational resource for any Christian that wants to be a disciple of Christ, and disciple others.  We never outgrow the basics.”
Pastor Andy Faller,  Calvary Fellowship Ottawa Ontario, Canada


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