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Meet Generation Z

Author:  James Emery White
ISBN:  9780801017018
Publisher:  Baker Books
Published:  2017
Pages:  219
Sub-title:  Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World
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Welcome to the first truly post-Christian generation

Move over Boomers, Xers, and Millennials; there's a new generation--making up more than 25 percent of the US population--on the scene that represents a seismic cultural shift. Born approximately between 1993 and 2012, Generation Z is poised to challenge every church to rethink its role in light of a rapidly changing culture.

From the award-winning author of The Rise of the Nones comes this enlightening introduction to the youngest generation. James Emery White explains who this generation is, how it came to be, and the impact it is likely to have on the nation and the faith. Then he reintroduces us to the ancient countercultural model of the early church, arguing that this is the model Christian leaders must adopt and adapt if we are to reach members of Generation Z with the gospel. He helps us rethink our old evangelistic and apologetic methods, cultivate a culture of invitation, and communicate with this connected generation right where they are.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The New Reality
1. A Seventh Age, the Second Fall, and the Rise of the Nones
2. Meet Generation Z
3. When Christ and His Saints Slept

Part 2 A New Approach

4. The Countercultural Church
5. Finding Our Voice
6. Rethinking Evangelism
7. Apologetics for a New Generation
8. Decisions


"In Meet Generation Z, James Emery White shares helpful insights into the generation that follows the Millennial generation in a clear, practical way. Pastors and church leaders seeking to better understand the world of their youth ought to read this text."

Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Distinguished Chair, Wheaton College

"Meet Generation Z is much more than just another popular sociological interpretation of our current cultural moment, as important as such an analysis, in and of itself, may be. This new and outstanding work by James Emery White, characteristic of the excellence we have come to expect from his prolific publications, provides not only wise and thoughtful cultural interpretation but also important theological insight regarding the trends, ideas, and movements that have shaped our twenty-first-century world. Christian leaders who are not only serious about church and ministry but who also want to understand and engage culture in order to connect this post-Christian world with the claims of the gospel will find White's work to be essential reading. Highly recommended!"

David S. Dockery, president, Trinity International University/Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"It's clear that Jim has a white-hot passion for Generation Z to know God. His research, practical applications, and desire for all church leaders to get this right will inspire and challenge you."

Sue Miller, children's ministry champion; Orange Conference staff;
coauthor of Not Normal: 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers

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