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To Alter Your World

Authors:  Michael Frost, Christiana Rice
ISBN:  9780830841370
Publisher:  Intervarsity Press
Published:  2017
Pages:  218
Sub-title:  Partnering with God to Rebirth Our Communities
Price$22.95 $24.10 with TAX

In Christ, a new world is being born and the new creation is unfurling all around us. God is directing history toward the future restoration, repair, and renewal of all creation. And our job is to cooperate with God in being a sign and foretaste of that coming world.

Renowned missional leaders Michael Frost and Christiana Rice introduce the bold metaphor of a midwife to depict us as God's birthing attendants as the kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.

With groundbreaking ideas and practical illustrations from all corners of the globe, To Alter Your World will change the way you see how your church can partner in God's world-altering mission. Nothing else could be more rewarding than laboring alongside a God who is birthing the new creation and inviting all to join in its benefits and blessings.


1. God Groans Like a Woman in Labor
2. What's Standing in Our Way?
3. A Divine Disruption
4. Midwives to the Birth of the New Creation
5. Making Space for Birth to Happen
6. On Being Adaptive and Daring
7. How to Really Change the World
8. Changing the World Through Our Work
9. Changing the World Through Placecrafting
10. Being Changed as We Bring Change
11. Suffering Along the Way Acknowledgments Notes


"This beautiful book by Michael and Christiana reminds us that the entire creation is groaning, aching for a new world, like a mother giving birth. Pregnancy means labor, sweat, tears, blood . . . but in the end it also means new life! So roll up your sleeves and get ready . . . a new world is coming. We get to be the midwives."

Shane Claiborne, author and activist

"In an over-messaged world, To Alter Your World cuts through noise with compelling narrative that describes our invitation to participate in kingdom transformation as a midwifing process rather than an engineering one. In a world experiencing searing pain with ever-deepening fault lines of injustice and income inequality, Christiana and Michael call us to question our traditional starting points for mission. With the stakes so high, they urge us to tap into Christ's imagination rather than summon our human determination. This is a wonderfully insightful book that honestly recounts sobering realities but also hopefully describes encouraging signs of how God is at work among us."

John Hayes, author of Submerge and founder of innerCHANGE

"In this outstanding book, my comrade Michael Frost further develops his pioneering ideas on how we ought to follow the way of our incarnate Lord—only here he partners with an exemplary practitioner of incarnational mission, Christiana Rice. The result is a piece of writing that is as illuminating as it is inspiring. Wonderful!"

Alan Hirsch, founder, 100Movements, Forge Mission Training Network, Future Travelers, coauthor of The Permanent Revolution
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