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Ministry Mantras

Ministry Mantras
Authors:  J.R. Briggs, Bob Hyatt
ISBN:  9780830841363
Publisher:  Intervarsity Press
Published:  2016
Pages:  268
Sub-title:  Language for Cultivating Kingdom Culture
Price: $22.00 ($23.10 incl. TAX)

We become what we say.

How do you grow your church in its health and mission? Sometimes our communities lack focus or vision. We lose sight of our ministry priorities, or our people don't have concrete reminders of why we do what we do. We need concise, memorable tools for cultivating culture, communicating ministry vision, and developing leaders.

The language we use shapes our communities. Pastors J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt share seventy-five short and memorable mantras they use to cast vision, inspire ministry, and create a healthy church culture. These brief chapters provide a wealth of practical wisdom for leadership, discipleship, community, and witness, embodying best practices with vivid stories of on-the-ground ministry.

These bite-sized ministry insights are ideal for church leaders to discuss with their teams and implement in their communities. They provide accessible handles for growing the health of your local church, for the sake of the kingdom.

Table of Contents

Part I: Mantras for Leaders
Section One: Leadership
Section Two: Vision
Section Three: Motivation
Section Four: Ministry
Section Five: Pastoral Care
Section Six: Leadership Development
Section Seven: Opportunities
Section Eight: Success
Section Nine: Self-Management, Spirituality and Personal Issues

Part II: Mantras for the Community
Section One: Expectations
Section Two: Community
Section Three: Formation
Section Four: Conflict
Section Five: Outreach
Section Six: Stewardship


"This is the tapas bar of ministry leadership! Simple-but-not-simplistic mantras for servant leaders from house churches to megachurches. I've been in ministry for more than thirty-five years, and I found myself highlighting wildly in the manuscript."

---Travis Collins, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL, national trainer, Fresh Expressions US

"J.R. and Bob force us to answer two crucial questions: what are we saying and how are we living? We hope that as Christians when those two questions are answered, a piece of the gospel is communicated."

---Jon Cavanagh, campus pastor, Taylor University

"Words paint pictures of reality. The pictures painted by the mantras in this book are beautiful, challenging, and holy. Bob and J.R. gift us with lived wisdom delicately packed into simple one-sentence visions of God's kingdom being born in and through God's people. This book will provoke you to find fresh ways to capture and preserve a culture of life in your context."

---Jon Hand, director of pastoral and leadership development, Brethren in Christ Church of Canada
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