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Safe House

Author:  Joshua Straub
ISBN:  9781601427892
Publisher:  Waterbrook
Published:  2015
Pages:  209
Sub-title:  How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well
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Parenting isn't rocket science, it's just brain surgery.
And Dr. Joshua Straub has good news for you: You can do it!

You don’t need to do all the “right” things as a parent. Both science and the Bible show us that the most important thing we can provide for our kids is a place of emotional safety. In other words, the posture from which we parent matters infinitely more than the techniques of parenting.
Emotional safety—more than any other factor—is scientifically linked to raising kids who live, love, and lead well. Learn how to use emotional safety as a foundation from which you parent—and make a cultural impact that could change the world!
In Safe House, Dr. Straub draws from his extensive research and personal experience to help you:
- Foster healthy identity and social development in children of any age
- Win the war without getting overwhelmed in the daily battles
- Discipline in a way that builds relationship
- Understand how the culture is affecting your child and what you can do about it
- Cultivate responsible, self-regulating behavior in your kids
- Establish an unshakeable sense of faith, morality, and values in your home
- Feel more confident and peaceful as a parent
- Find a greater perspective on parenting than what you might see on a daily basis
Table of Contents

Part 1:  Why Emotional Safety -- and Your Story -- Matter
1.  Can Parenting Really Be This Simple?
2.  You Are Home:  A Safe House Begins with You
3.  Your Story, Your Kid's Brain, and the Science of Safety

Part 2:  Building a Safe House
4.  The Four Walls of a Safe House
5.  Explore and Protect
6.  Grace and Truth
7.  Safe Discipline
8.  Nurturing Our Child's Brain from Infancy Through Adolescence

Part 3:  A Safe Village
9.  The Bible and Safe Parenting
10. A Safe Marriage
11. Establishing Faith


“‘Home, sweet home’ is much more than a cliché; it’s a critically important goal toward which we should all strive as parents. Making your home a safe house is one of the best investments of time and energy you can possibly make. Joshua Straub shows how in this insightful book.”
—Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

“I wish I could’ve read Safe House before I raised my daughters. I’m sure it would’ve saved them many dollars spent on therapy. Thanks to Josh and this amazing book, I have a second chance. I am now embracing the principles in this book and applying them to my relationship with six beautiful grandchildren.”
—Ken Davis, author of Fully Alive and speaker and communications trainer

“To the exhausted parent, these pages are filled with hope. To the insecure parent, these pages are filled with confidence. To the parent trying to win your child’s heart before the culture does, these pages are empowering. Josh has created an insightful work-of-heart that will truly impact families for generations to come!”
—Shannon Ethridge, MA, life/relationship coach and author of twenty-two books, including the million-copy, best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series

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