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Restore My Soul

Restore My Soul
Author:  Lorraine Peterson
ISBN:  1600060390
Publisher:  Navpress
Published:  2006
Pages:  91
Sub-title:  A Grief Companion
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Losing a loved one is perhaps the most painful, overwhelming experience in life. The experience can result in a stunning range of emotional and spiritual states: from sadness to anger and from faith to despair. The roller-coaster of emotions can leave one feeling so vulnerable and exhausted that grief is compounded by a desire to isolate oneself. Without help, the emotions can become overwhelming and paralyzing.

This little book is a type of "personal grief companion"-a guide for facing and understanding feelings and for thinking through new ways to cope with life in the aftermath of loss. The 31 short, easy-to-read chapters compassionately address some of the most pressing questions and issues facing someone who has recently experienced a deep loss. Each chapter contains a brief reflection on an issue of loss, followed by carefully selected Scripture readings and a suggested prayer. This guide provides gentle help for those looking to put back together the pieces of a life shattered by loss.

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