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When Your Church Feels Stuck

Author: Chris Sonksen
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801092480
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 181
Subtitle: Unavoidable Questions Every Leader Must Answer
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You want your church to grow. Maybe you've been searching for answers at conferences, in books, and on websites. But did you know that the answers that can actually make a difference in your ministry are the ones you need to give yourself?

When Your Church Feels Stuck poses seven unavoidable questions church leaders must answer before they can chart the unique path to growth for their church. These challenging questions address the key subjects of mission, strategy, values, metrics, team alignment, culture, and services, and the way you and your team answer these questions will help you discover the real reasons your church is stuck - and what steps you need to take in order to facilitate real growth.

  1. My Church Is Stuck
  2. God Determines the Talent, We Determine the Choices
  3. Making Excuses Will Keep You From Winning
  4. The Six Phases of a Church.....What Phase Are You In?
  5. Question 1: Mission.....What Do We Do
  6. Question 2: Strategy.....How Do We Get It Done?
  7. Question 3: Values......What Are the Guiding Principles We Live By?
  8. Question 4: Metrics.....How Do We Measure a Win?
  9. Question 5: Team Alignment.....Do We Have the Right People in the Right Seats Moving in the Right Direction?
  10. Question 6: Culture....How Do We Change the Culture of Our Church?
  11. Question 7: Services....How Do We Match What We Say Is Important and What We Really Do?


Chris Sonksen walks church leaders through the process of moving from stuck to kingdom impact. It's not easy. But it is doable. I encourage you to read it and find out how it's done. - Larry Osborne, senior pastor at North Coast Church; author of Sticky Church.

A simple yet challenging process to help your church find the focus and strategies it needs to experience continual, sustainable, and healthy growth. - Brad Lomenick, speaker and coach; author of H3.

Chris Sonksen is a pastor, leader, and entrepreneur who writes with the wisdom of a seasoned practitioner, honed in the crucible of local church ministry. Every pastor will be a more effective leader and every church will produce greater fruit when they wrestle through these unavoidable questions. - Gene Appel, senior pastor at Eastside Christian Church.

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