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Author: Nelson Searcy
Publisher: Baker
ISBN: 9780801075490
Year of Publication: 2007/2017
Pages: 202
Subtitle: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully Engaged Members of Your Church
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Set newcomers on the path toward true life transformation and spiritual maturity.

Creating an environment that both embraces newcomers to your church and excites them enough to return does not happen by chance. It happens when we are prepared to be effective stewards of those God sends to us. After all, shouldn't the church be the epitome of service at its best, as modeled by the greatest server of all time?

Fusion offers a biblically grounded, proven plan for establishing a relationship with newcomers that ultimately prompts them to become fully developing members of our congregations. This innovative, practical guide is full of step-by-step how-to information, testimonials from the recently assimilated and from participating church leaders, examples of the assimilation materials used, and checkpoints to make sure you're on track.

Engaging, informative, and immediately applicable to your unique situation, this revised and expanded edition of Fusion offers you the tools and training you need to grow your ministry by growing disciples.

  1. The Power of Assimilation
  2. Biblical Hospitality
  3. Seven Minutes and Counting
  4. Making Contact
  5. Creating Fans through Follow-up
  6. They're Back!
  7. Sticky Situations
  8. Taking Ownership
  9. Full Circle

Appendix A: The Fusion Assimilation System
Appendix B: Assimilation Tools
Appendix C: Membership Tools
Appendix D: Resources

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