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Trust Protocol

Author: Mac Richard
Publisher: Baker
ISBN: 9780801019647
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 172
Subtitle: The Key to Building Stronger Families, Teams, and Business
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Trust is the glue that binds people together - from our families and friendships to our companies and communities. But trust is a fragile gift that can be abused, broken, and exploited with devastating consequences. In The Trust Protocol, Mac Richard shows you how to
  • process the pain of betrayal
  • prioritize relationships and work
  • discern whom to trust
  • decide when and how to move on
  • deploy trust in even the harshest environments
  • develop active integrity

The Trust Protocol provides a clear path not just to manage these tensions but to embrace them in order to experience the genuine connectedness and effectiveness we're created for - in all areas of life.


  1. "I Love You, and I Will Fire You": Introducing the Trust Protocol
  2. The Battle of the Why: Establishing and Evaluating Motive
  3. The Revolution Will Not Be Sanitized: Embracing Messiness
  4. The Gift of Betrayal: Leveraging the Pain of Broken Trust
  5. It's the Relationship, Stupid: The Foundation of Everything That Lasts
  6. You Have to Try! Taking a Shot against All Odds
  7. The Best Teacher You Ever Had: Seeking and Accepting Accountability
  8. The Chicken or the Egg? Yes: Choosing to Trust before the Evidence Is All In
  9. "How Many Can You Do When You're Tired?": Choosing Grit over Quit
  10. "Stay on the Bar!": Building a Community of Trust
  11. But I Live in the Real World: Benefiting the Bottom Line
  12. Staying Power: Cultivating Strength through Trust
  13. No Exceptions: Why the Trust Protocol Works -  Every time


Trust is the great foundation on which we build our families, workplaces, churches, friendships, and neighborhoods - that raw commitment to trust another person. It's a daring scary reality. In The Trust Protocol, Mac invites us to live into this reality - not ignoring brokenness and betrayal but rather leaning into the strength of trust no matter the risk. Because the reward of deep trust is a wholly improved life. - Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker and lead pastor of National Community Church.

Faith at its heart is about trust. It's one thing to believe in God; it's quite something else to trust him with our lives. We all want deeper relationships built on trust. Mac leads us down that path in this revelatory book. - Rick Perry, former governor of Texas.

Here's what you need to know about The Trust Protocol: relationships are important; good relationships are built on trust; trust shows the reliability and strength of an individual. Mac does a phenomenal job detailing why trust is so important and how to implement his Trust Protocol into your life. - Levi Lusko, author of Swipe Right: The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance.

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