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Author: Jeremiah J. Johnston
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764231377
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 238
Subtitle: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity
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Is God dying? That's what some people think and want. They say Christian beliefs and our way of life aren't relevant anymore. But what critics and even many churchgoers don't realize is the life-changing importance of Christianity.

Showing how the world without Christianity would be a dark place, Unimaginable guides you through the halls of history to see how Jesus' teachings dramatically changed our world and continue to be the most powerful force for good today. Learn.....
  • How Christianity has stood against the evils of slavery (more than once), racism, eugenics, and injustices toward women and children
  • Why freedom as a universal value and modern education and legal systems owe much to Christianity
  • How Christians throughout the ages have demonstrated the value of human life by sacrificially caring for the sick, handicapped, marginalized, and dying
  • How people of faith are extending God's kingdom through charities, social justice efforts, mental health initiatives, and other profound ways.

This provocative and enlightening book is for anyone concerned about where our world is heading.


  1. Our Sense of the Divine
  2. A World of Suffering
  3. A World of  Fear
  4. A World of Inequality
  5. A World of Bondage: Racism
  6. A Slippery Slope
  7. Dehumanizing Humanity
  8. Atheism and the Broken Soul
  9. "Superman" Arrives
  10. Hitler's Hell on Earth
  11. When Truth Is What You Want It to Be
  12. Jesus' Tour de Force: Good News for All People
  13. New Hope: Jesus and His Proclamation
  14. New Life: What Made Christianity Irresistible
  15. Christianity Ends Racism and Slavery
  16. Without Jesus, Women Would Not Be Free
  17. Healing the Unimaginable in Your Life


In a bold way, Johnston presents the strong and unflinching case that in terms of ethics, social values, and human equality the world is a better place because of the contributions of Christianity. - Paul Foster, Professor, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.

Sweeping in scope and teeming with insights, this creative and compelling book shows us the horror of a world without Christianity. An eye-opening work that should be read with pen in hand to mark points to remember. Truly powerful and persuasive. - Lee Strobel, bestselling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith.

More than one hundred of the foremost atheists, agnostics, secularists, and philosophers have filmed interviews with me. Collectively, their accusation is that Christians do not know how to think critically. Jeremiah Johnston not only refutes the error, but presents the positive, seismic, irrefutable changes Christianity has brought to our world. Every Christian needs to know the crucial truths in this book - Dr. Jerry Johnston.

Unimaginable shows how the fundamental values humans hold dear are traceable to Christianity. Where we find a refection of those values we find death, destruction, and despair. Far from being a detriment to the world or the source of all ills, Christianity is foundational to our concepts of freedom, equality, and human dignity. - Thom S. Rainer, President and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources.

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