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Bees of Rainbow Falls

Author: Preston Pouteaux
Publisher: Urban Loft
ISBN: 9780692873090
Date: 2017
Pages: 192
Finding Faith, Imagination, and delight in your neighbourhood

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What if we could imagine living in our neighbourhoods in a way that transformed our whole outlook on faith, hope, and love? Preston Pouteaux writes about how an unlikely journey into beekeeping changed how he saw his neighbors. The Bees of Rainbow Falls reminds us that we matter to our community, that goodness is found all around us, and that new life emerges out of the small and sublime. With the quirky curiosity of a beekeeper and the thoughtful care of a pastor, he gently welcomes readers to step into their own neighbourhoods. What if the very best gift was waiting for you just beyond your front door?

"This is a charming book, and unique. It calls forth attentiveness, presence, kindness, and courage." -Michael Frost, author, Incarnate and Surprise the World!"

"Preston's Pouteaux's rapt and elegant reflection offers a fresh, living metaphor to help us see ourselves first as wondrous and beloved, but also as vital (keystone) to the flourishing of the neighbours and neighbourhoods to which we belong. The Bees of Rainbow Falls is both enlivening and timely; a lovely and important read." - Steve Bell, singer/songwriter
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