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Author: Andy Stanley
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310536987
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 299
Subtitle: Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed for the World
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Once upon a tie there existed a version of our faith worth living and dying for, something the world found irresistible. Men and women pursued it at the risk of persecution, job loss, and eviction from their homes, temples, and society.

What if we actually followed their lead? Perhaps it would change how we read the Bible. Maybe it would help us understand our own faith and what we believe. Perhaps we would change the world again.

In Irresistible, pastor and author Andy Stanley shows how distortions of the gospel have left us with an anemic version of Christianity that undermines our credibility and our evangelistic effectiveness. He takes readers on a fascinating journey back in time to recover a faith so rich, so dynamic, so disruptive, that it could not be ignored, marginalized, or eradicated.

Rather than working harder to make Christianity more interesting, we need to recover what once made faith in Jesus irresistible to the world.

  1. The New Standard American Version
  2. Going Global
  3. Temple Tantrum
  4. Splittin' Up
  5. Recentering the Universe
  6. Brand-New Movement
  7. Brand-New Agreement
  8. Your First Look at the Good Book
  9. The Bible According to Jesus
  10. The apoplectic Apostle
  11. Obsolete-r Than Ever
  12. Our Old Friend
  13. Trending Horizontal
  14. A New Command
  15. Paul and the Irresistible Ethic
  16. It's Mutual
  17. Don't Even Think About It
  18. A Better Question
  19. What Love Required of Me
  20. Dorothy Was Right
  21. Our Oldest Friend
  22. Name Callers
  23. First Things First
  24. The Bible Says
Conclusion: History Worth Repeating
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