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31 Days with God at Work

Author: James Bruyn
Publisher: NRC
ISBN: 9781775380504
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 74
Subtitle: Marketplace Devotionals 1
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How do you keep your eyes focused on God throughout your workday?

God is intimately present with his inexhaustible power and love in your workplace. With your faith grounded in God's love, as an employee, a manager, or an executive; you have the privilege of enriching the lives of those working with you.

Use these devotionals to reflect on what God has to say to you in His word about your work, your career, and your relationship with your co-workers.

Introduction: Workday Prayer
  1. Wisdom for the Workplace
  2. A Project of Daring Faith
  3. Demonstrating the Existence of God's Kingdom
  4. Bridging Two Worlds
  5. A Larger Reality
  6. God Is With You
  7. Job Satisfaction
  8. God Delights over You
  9. Creation
  10. God Gives Grace to the Humble
  11. Stressful Workdays
  12. Is Doubt Crowding Out Hope?
  13. I Find No Fault in You
  14. Walking with God
  15. Look to Jesus
  16. Calling
  17. Who Is Your Neighbour
  18. A Canopy of Grace
  19. Preparing for the Future
  20. God Is Watching over You
  21. Why Are You Afraid?
  22. God's Presence
  23. Working with Integrity
  24. An Oasis of Grace
  25. The Way of Righteousness
  26. Courage
  27. Stewards of God's Creation
  28. No Little Tasks
  29. Can God Fix It?
  30. Thriving in Your Workplace
  31. Abiding in Christ in the Workplace
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