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Author: Frank Viola
Publisher: Baker
ISBN: 9780801077159
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 217
Subtitle: What the Shocking Beliefs of the Great Christians Can Teach Us Today
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Rediscover grace through the flawed, surprising, and even shocking views of the giants who shaped our faith.

The church is tired of seeing Christians act ungraciously toward another when they disagree. Social media has added to the carnage. Christians routinely lash out on Twitter ot block each other on Facebook because of doctr4inal disagreements. The world watches the bloodletting, and the Christian witness is tarnished.

But what if every Christian discovered that their favorite teacher in church history had blind spots and held to some false - and even shocking - views? Bestselling author Frank Viola argues that this simple awareness will soften Christians when they interact with each other in the face of theological disagreements.

In ReGrace, he uncovers some of the shocking beliefs held by faith giants like C.S. Lewis, Luther, Calvin, Moody, Spurgeon, Wesley, Graham, and Augustine - not to downgrade or dismiss them, but to show that even "the greats" in church history didn't get everything right.

Knowing that the heroes of our faith sometimes got it wrong will empower us to treat our fellow Christians with grace rather than disdain whenever we disagree over theology.

  1. Why This Book?
  2. 'Tis Humor
  3. We Know in Part
  4. Honoring Those with Whom You Disagree
  5. It's Not a Bloodsport
  6. The Shocking Beliefs of C.S. Lewis
  7. The Shocking Beliefs of Jonathan Edwards
  8. The Shocking Beliefs of Martin Luther
  9. The Shocking Beliefs of John Calvin
  10. The Shocking Beliefs of Augustine
  11. The Shocking Beliefs of John Wesley
  12. The Shocking Beliefs of Charles Spurgeon
  13. The Shocking Beliefs D.L. Moody
  14. Seven Shocking Statements by Billy Graham
  15. The New Tolerance
  16. You Just Might Be a Pharisee If....
  17. Twenty Reasons Why the Christian Right and Christian Left Won't Adopt Me
  18. So You Think You Disagree?
  19. The Art of Being a Jerk Online
  20. Warning: The World Is Watching How We Christians Treat One Another
  21. Misrepresentations
  22. Possessing a Mind to Suffer
  23. The Essentials of Our Faith
  24. Who Are the Real Heretics?
  25. They Are Our Teachers

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