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Better Together

Author: Danielle Strickland
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785230151
Year of Publication: 2020
Pages: 205
Subtitle: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future
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Is it possible in the aftermath of #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements for men and women to actually find hope and healing and create a better world - together?

We are at a strategic cultural intersection with relationships between women and men eroding. While it is good for women to expose their pain, abuse, and experiences of gender inequity and oppression, what often follows is a never-ending cycle of blame, accusations, denial, avoidance, and ultimately devastation for everyone involved.

Better Together is a beacon of hope in this challenging storm. Author Danielle Strickland offers practical steps toward a real and workable solution that include two things needed for change: A vision of a better world and an understanding of oppression.

Understanding how oppression works, whether it relates to gender, race, socioeconomic status, or religion, is an important part of undoing it. Let Danielle inspire you to believe that change is possible and equip you with ideas and strategies that will compel you to action.

  1. Starting from the Future
  2. What It Could Look Like and Why It Matters
  3. The Truth About Oppression
  4. A Vision for Reconciliation
  5. How We Feel: The Pull Back of Fear, the Push Forward of Action
  6. How We Live: The Pull Back of Segregation, the Push Forward of Proximity
  7. How We See: The Pull Back of Patriarchy, the Push Forward of Clarity
  8. How We Think: The Pull Back of Rooted Beliefs, the Push Forward of Transformed Beliefs
  9. How We Connect: The Pull Back of Porn, the Push Forward of Truth
  10. How We Act: The Pull Back of Power Abused, the Push Forward of Mutuality
  11. Stopping the Blame Game
  12. Start Now and with You
  13. Never, Ever Give Up
  14. Keeping Hope Alive
When it comes to gender issues in the workplace, ministries, and life in general, it's pretty obvious we're facing significant challenges. Thankfully, Danielle Strickland has written this timely, needed, and necessary book, Better Together. Danielle has a unique ability to navigate tricky terrain with truth, boldness, gentleness, and courage. This book will not only lovingly correct, but also inspire and instruct both men and women with grace and understanding. We need each other to do everything we are called and created to do! - Craig Groeschel, Pastor of Life.Church.

I consider Danielle Strickland to be a world impacting leader and that just about anything she says ought to be taken very seriously. Better Together is such a book. It is a compelling call to restore the God-given co-agency to women in every domain of society. It's been 2000 years since Jesus set women free from oppressive patriarchy, let's get this done already! - Alan Hirsch, Award-winning author of Reframation and 5Q, Founder of Movement Leaders Collective, Forge International, and 100 Movements.

When the church restricts the voices of women, we are all impoverished. Christians need to learn equally from both aspects of the image of God - male and female - and that means we have a lot of catching up to do. I am convinced that the world needs this book now more than ever. Better Together provides us with a vision of what the world could be if men and women really lived as if the Kingdom is now. - Bruxy Cavey, Senior pastor at The Meeting House, author of The End of Religion.
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