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Paths of Gold
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Author: Terry Gooding
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576833964
Pages: 16
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Book Dimensions: 9 x 15 cm.

Do you want to see your friends and family come to Christ?
Are you often unsure of how to pray beyond "Lord, save them"?
Paths of Gold provides five themes and 46 Scripture-based kingdom prayers to pray, as well as space to record how God is moving in answer to your prayers. These ideas will fuel your prayers for days...weeks...months...or years - until your friend commits his or her life to Christ.

Let Paths of Gold help you become a powerful prayer evangelist!

Terry Gooding is the prayer coordinator for the El Paso Baptist Association. Possessing a strong heart for prayer and evangelism, Terry develops materials and teaches seminars on prayer throughout the Southwest. She resides with her husband, Dana, and son, Ryan, in El Paso, Texas.


  1.  Individual Information
  2.  Spiritual Blindness
  3.  Heart Surgery
  4.  Repentance
  5.  Salvation
  6.  Laborers