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Intimacy Ignited
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Author: Dr. Joseph & Linda Dillow and Dr. Peter & Lorraine Pintus
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576836408
Pages: 315
Year Printed: 2004
Conversations Couple to Couple

COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 16 x 24 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:
Why settle for a little heat when you can have a raging fire? Intimacy Ignited shows married couples how to embrace God's fun, beautiful, and holy plan for sex, as described in the Song of Solomon. An essential book.
- Dennis and Barbara Rainey, cofounders of FamilyLife Driven by Scripture, Intimacy Ignited obtains the remarkable achievement of being both profoundly holy and intensely errotic. Tastefully written yet unabashedly frank, this book presents sex by God's design. Read it and apply what you learn. It's one of the best gifts you can give your marriage!
- Gary L. Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and Not the End but the Road With biblical wisdom, creativity, and humor, Intimacy Ignited answers every couple's questions about sexual intimacy. It is specific enough to help but sensitive enough not to offend. We highly recommend this exciting new book.
- David and Claudia Arp, authors of 10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage and No Time for Sex Intimacy Ignited is an exciting manual full of practical biblical wisdom, playful instruction for intimate lovemaking, and warm encouragement for falling deeper in love.
- Doug Rosenau, Th.M., Ed.D., professor, Institute for Sexual Wholeness; author of A Celebration of Sex
Embark on a verse-by-verse exploration of the Bible's very own manual on sex and passion: the Song of Solomon. You and your spouse will discover the freedom, holiness, and beauty of sex in marriage and learn why it all begins with a servant's heart.


1.  Where Did All the Passion Go?
2.  Give Permission for Passion
3.  Soothe Insecurities
4.  Offer Sexual Refreshment
5.  Trade Sexual Compliments
6.  Catch the Little Foxes
7.  Create a Safe Place for Loving
8.  Remember Your Vows
9.  Be Romantic In and Out of Bed
10. Give Your Body as a Gift
11. Stamp Out Selfishness
12. Be Free in Your Mind
13. Be Free to Forgive
14. Be Free with Your Body
15. Be Free to Be Creative
16. Fan the Fire of Lifelong Love
Epilogue: The Flame
Appendix: Sexual Acts That God Prohibits
Eight-Week Bible Study: A Journey to Igniting Intimacy
Bible Study Facilitator's Guide