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Words that Hurt, Words that Heal
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Author: Carole Mayhall
Publisher: Group Publishing
ISBN: 9781600062124
Pages: 123
Year Printed: 2007

Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.

The tongue is the most powerful muscle in our body. James compares it to a wild horse, a wandering ship or a raging forest fire.

If we need proof of the tongue's impact, we need look no further than our own lives and the hurts and wounds our callous speech has caused. The Bible tells us that our mouths are to be fountains of life, but our day-to-day interactions prove otherwise. So how do we address our hearts as well as our words?

Carole Mayhall helps us get past the surface and into the deep places of our hearts and beliefs. With simple illustrations from her own life and practical guidance from the Scriptures, Carole helps you place a filter of kindness in your mind and your words.

"I am convinced," she writes,"that if we dwell deep with God, the overflow is going to consistently seep into our conversation." Soon you, too, will be speaking more words that heal. And fewer words that hurt.

  1. A Fountain or a Babbling Brook?
  2. On Bragging
  3. On Complaining
  4. On Reckless and Careless Speech
  5. On Slander and Gossip
  6. On Anger and Conflict
  7. On Discretion
  8. On Giving and Receiving Reproof
  9. On Gentleness
  10. The Sacrifice of Praise

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