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Come Away with Me
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Author: Cynthia Hyle Bezek
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600062940
Pages: 96
Year Printed: 2008
Pray! Magazine's Guide to Prayer Retreats
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A comprehensive guide to taking a prayer retreat.

Is spiritual refreshment a luxury or a necessity? Too often, we try to deliver a life-changing talk or a heart-healing prayer only to find ourselves depleted. God has more for us than working on empty. He longs to be our source of necessary refreshment. This practical, easy-to-follow guide shows the importance of prayer retreats, offering tips and instruction on how to create and organize effective ones. Jesus regularly took time to be alone with His Father in prayer. Follow His example and become refreshed.

  1. A Gracious Invitation
  2. The Benefits of "Wasting Time with God"
  3. What to Expect from a Prayer Retreat
  4. What to Do on Your Prayer Retreat
  5. Where to Go for Your Prayer Retreat
  6. Should You Fast?
  7. Making Prayer Retreats a Lifestyle
  8. Taking Others Along
  9. Hearing God through Scriptures
  10. Personal Prayer Retreat Questions
  11. Lectio Divina
  12. Sample Schedule for a Group Retreat