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Lifeguide - Names of God
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Author: Douglas Connelly
ISBN: 970830831432
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Printed: 2012
Pages: 65
Sub-Title: Glimpses of His Character


"God of glory."

"The God Who Provides."

"Holy One."

God is called by many names in Scripture--names that highlight specific aspects of his character. This guide by Doug Connelly, focused on eight titles for God from the Old Testament, invites you to know and experience the Lord Almighty in deeper ways. As you do so, you will come to trust him more fully and worship him with fresh awe and reverence.

Table of Contents:

Getting the Most Out of Names of God
1. One Supreme Being: Genesis 1
2. Transformed in Worship: Genesis 14:17-24
3. God's Personal Name: Psalm 68:1-20
4. The God Who Provides: Genesis 22:1-14
5. The Lord Almighty: 1 Samuel 17:1-51
6. Holy, Holy God: Isaiah 1:1-20
7. The God of Glory: Psalm 29
8. The Sovereign God: Daniel 7:7-14
Leader's Notes