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Sacred Search DVD
Price: $35.99 $40.67 with TAX

Author: Gary Thomas
Publisher:David C Cook
Year of Publication: 2013
Approx. Total Viewing Time: 200 Minutes
Subtitle: What If It's Not About Who You Marry, But Why?

An 8-Session DVD companion to the Sacred Search.

Explore with Gary Thomas why it's so important to know the why  of marriage before you know the who  of marriage. Together you'll look at:
  • Why you should never marry for mercy
  • Whether you should wait for God to bring you a spouse, or whether He calls you to actively pursue a wise marriage
  • What great sex really means
  • Why you don't want what you think you want
  • Why the myth of "the one" is so destructive, and what the biblical alternative is
  • Where God is leading you in your search

Here you'll discover encouragement and practical advice for building a relationship with eternal purposes at heart.