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Find Your Place
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 Authours: Rob Wegner, Brian Phipps
Publisher: Zondervan
Year: 2019
Locating your Calling through your Gifts, Passions and Story.


Find Your Place allows followers of Jesus to identify and act upon three signals that will help them discern their calling, and then empowers them with meaningful next steps to engage that calling.

According to authors Rob Wegner and Brian Phipps, "Every person has been designed by God for one-of-a-kind mission--what most people refer to as personal calling or personal purpose. Everyone needs to be able to name what God has put them on the earth to do. Most people never do. That is a tragedy of epic proportions."

Find Your Place provides you with a simple way to discover that calling. Wegner and Phipps help followers of Jesus locate three signals that will help them to discern their personal calling: their gifts, their passions, and the unique story of what God is doing in and through their life. They also help readers take meaningful next steps to engage that calling.

This book and the accompanying free online assessment provide pastors, church leaders, and individuals with the disciple-making tools they need to disciple and equip church members for meaningful ministry beyond the programs of the church, releasing God's people to embrace their missional calling.


Find your place
Find your place