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Focus on Pronunciation - online course
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Author: Gail Tiessen
Publisher: Joy Two Publications
Text: The Prodigal Son, Luke 15
Focus: Pronunciation

Level: CLB - All Levels

Time: 10 Sessions (~2 hours each session)


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An online curriculum that focuses on the melody of English (prosody), providing instruction and practice.

PowerPoint Slides with embedded videos, Interactive Learner Workbook


Session 1: Melody of English
Session 2 : Syllable Stress
Session 3: Phrase Stress
Session 4: Phrase Rhythm
Session 5: Thought Groups
Session 6: Prominent Point
Session 7: Rising-Falling Intonation
Session 8: Continuous Rising Intonation
Session 9: Correction: Prominence
Session 10 : Emphasis : Prominence


Focus on pronunciation
Focus on pronunciation