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Jesus to Rome (Mission Focus)
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Text: Acts of the Apostles
Focus: Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
Level: Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB 5-7)
International English Language Testing System (IELTS 4.5-6)
Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR B1-B2)
Classroom Time: approx. 3  hours per unit

A curriculum that focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills based on Acts highlighting the apostle's witness, the opposition to their message, their persecution, and the expansion of the gospel through the work of the Holy Spirit from Jerusalem to Rome.


Each unit has five tasks that vary in length according to the purpose and task type, but the whole unit covers approximately three hours of on-task class time.

1. Jesus' Ascension & Apostles' Commission

2. The Holy Spirit's Coming & Jewish Believers

3. Stephen's Death & Saul's Conversion

4. Philip's Witness in Samaria & an Ethiopian's Faith

5. Peter's Vision & A Roman's Faith

6. Paul & Barnabas' Witness in Asia Minor

7. Jerusalem Council's Declaration & Expansion in Asia Minor

8. Paul's Call & Witness in Macedonia

9. Paul's Witness in Athens & Corinth

10. Ephesus' Response of Faith & Opposition

11. Paul's Arrest and Trials

12. Paul's Journey and Witness in Rome

Gail Tiessen is an accomplished teacher and author in the EAL field. She has developed and administered TESOL and EAL programs and written EAL curricula for over 30 years.

All Resources include the following files in Digital* Format:

· Complete Instructor Manual

· Learner Workbook (with permission to print multiple copies)

· Instructional PowerPoint SLIDES

· Video and MP3 Audio

· Teaching Materials (Manipulatives) (for a class of 24 learners)

*NOTE: The Electronic files must be saved onto one’s computer BEFORE opening.


Jesus to Rome
Jesus to Rome