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What if I want to return something?

Our use of the word "Returns" applies to materials that have been previously purchased from the Resource Centre and for various reasons are being returned to the Resource Centre for credit.

If you have materials that you wish to return, please contact us by phone in advance.
Phone: (800) 839-4769

Assuming that the materials are still in their original new condition and assuming that the books are being shipped in such a way that no damage occurs in transit, and assuming that the transaction has been discussed and approved by phone, then credit will be provided for the returned materials. However we cannot give credit for the shipping costs.
Under some circumstances we may not be able to approve a return. For example, books which have gone out of print may not be returned. Another example would be books that have been specially ordered and which the Resource Centre does not normally stock. Even in these cases there may be exceptions and you are welcome to discuss the situation with us.

In general please try to assess your situation as accurately as possible to minimize the likelihood of returns. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.