Personal Bible Reading Plan

If your desire is to read the Bible from cover to cover, this Bible reading plan offers a practical and enjoyable schedule to achieve that goal.

Each month has twenty-five days. If you miss a day, you're not behind. You will have five or six extra days to catch up, read ahead, or focus on other things. Throughout each month, the plan interweaves various sections of Scripture, providing variety in your reading and making Biblical continuity and unity more apparent.

Those who prefer a meditative, more devotional reading style, may want more time. Extend the twenty-five readings over two months. This is your plan - adapt it to suit your style.

Pray before you read. Ask God to use the text to communicate His thoughts directly to you. Expect God to have something for you each time you read. Let it affect the thoughts and actions of your day to day living.

Download the complete Personal Bible Reading Plan: Click Here  613 kb

The Bible at a Glance

Old Testament (39 Books)

Major ProphetsMinor Prophets
Genesis (Gen)Joshua (Jos)JobIsaiah (Isa)Hosea (Hos)
Exodus (Ex)Judges (Judg)Psalms (Ps)Jeremiah (Jer)Joel
Leviticus (Lev)RuthProverbs (Prov)Lamentations (Lam)Amos
Numbers (Num)1 Samuel (1Sam)Ecclesiastes (Eccl)Ezekiel (Ezk)Obadiah (Ob)
Deuteronomy (Deu) 2 Samuel (2Sam) Song of Solomon (SofS)Daniel (Dan)Jonah (Jon)
 1 Kings (1Ki)

"The New is in the Old concealed
…the Old is in the New revealed."

God used forty different men over a period of 1,500 years (about 1400 B.C. to A.D. 90) in writing the Bible.
Micah (Mic)
2 Kings (2Ki)Naham (Nah)
1 Chronicles (1Chr)Habakkuk (Hab)
2 Chronicles (2Chr)Zephaniah (Zeph)
EzraHaggi (Hag)
Nehemiah (Neh)Zechariah (Zech)
Esther (Est)Malachi (Mal)

About 400 years between Testaments

New Testament (27 Books)

Matthew (Matt)Paul's LettersGeneral Letters
Mark (Mk)Romans (Rom)Hebrews (Heb)
Luke (Lk)1 Corinthians (1Cor)James (Jam)
John (Jn)2 Corinthians (2Cor)1 Peter (1Pr)
HISTORYGalatians (Gal)2 Peter (2Pr)
Early ChurchEphesians (Eph)1 John (1Jn)
ActsPhilippians (Phil)2 John (2Jn)
 Colossians (Col)3 John (3Jn)
1 Thessalonians (1Thes)Jude
2 Thessalonians (2Thes)PROPHECY
1 Timothy (1 Tim)Revelation (Rev)
2 Timothy (2 Tim) 
Titus (Ti)
Philemon (Phm)