The Hand Illustration

Romans 10:17

Hearing the Word from godly pastors and teachers provides insight into others' study of the Scriptures as well as stimulating your own appetite for the Word.

Revelation 1:3

Reading the Bible gives an overall picture of God's Word. Many people find it helpful to use a daily reading program which takes them systematically through the Bible.

Acts 17:11

Studying the Scriptures leads to personal discoveries of God's truths. Writing down these discoveries helps you organize and remember them.

Psalm 119:9; 11

Memorizing God's Word enables use of the Sword of the Spirit to overcome Satan and have it readily available for witnessing or helping others with a "word in season."

Psalm 1:2, 3

Meditation is the thumb of the Word Hand, for it is used in conjunction with each of the other methods. Only as you meditate on God's Word — thinking of its meaning and application in your life — will you discover its transforming power at work within you.