Prayer and Worship: Seven Days a Week
Seven Days a Week

Author Dean Ridings in The Pray! Prayer Journal shares a seven-day approach to praying for seven key areas of life. Copy the list and share it with your group. Ask them to commit to praying for the next seven days. Each day all they need to do is spend five minutes praying for that day's category. At your next meeting take time for your group to share what God has done in their life through their prayer times.

Day 1 – Pray for your family

Day 2
– Pray for God's family

Day 3
– Pray for your community

Day 4
– Pray for your nation

Day 5
– Pray for the world

Day 6
– Pray for the helpless, hopeless, hurting and lost

Day 7
– Pray for personal guidance

Idea adapted from, The Pray! Prayer Journal by Dean Ridings © 2003, All Rights Reserved.