A Changed Life

A Changed Life

Even the most inspiring Bible study fails if it doesn’t affect the lives of the group members during the rest of the week. Can one small group leader really be a catalyst for a changed life? I think so—by applying the simple but costly discipline of praying for each person in your group. As a leader you are God’s instrument in partnership with the Holy Spirit to facilitate life change in your group members.  Here’s how you can do it:
1. Set aside a regular time to pray for your group. Five minutes before they all arrive is not the ideal time…make it a special time and place to pray for the each person, their needs and the needs of the group.

2. Ask God to show you how to pray for each person. Ask God for insights into each person, for scriptures to pray over each person. It is important to not discuss your insights with anyone not even the person for whom you are praying unless they initiate the conversation.

3. Make a point to get to know your groups members individually. Spend time by phone, email or in person getting to know each one.

4. Ask for prayer support for yourself. Tell a pastor, faithful praying friends, or family what you are doing and that you would appreciate their prayers for you. Ministry can be tiring and the needs overwhelming at times. You can only do this if you stay strong in the Lord yourself. Now get after it and start praying!

Tip excerpted from the Small Group Archives of NavPress, © 2005, by The Navigators. All Rights Reserved.