On-Line Prayer

On-Line Prayer

Thanks to the wonders of cyberspace, your small group can be in touch and praying for each other in between meetings and gatherings. There are a number of ways, depending on how frequent your members go on-line or their comfort level on the internet. Here are some possibilities:

1. Your group can set up a private group forum (Yahoo, Google and others provide this free as long as you have an email address with them) that allows your group to meet in real time if you wish to pray together. The chat room can also be place to post your prayer requests and allow just your group members to view them, pray for them and reply when they are able.

2. You can set up a facebook webpage just for your group. You can set the privacy parameters to just your group allowing your group to share concerns that would only be seen by the group. This also allows your group to share other things that are occurring in their lives on a daily basis if so inclined.

3. Use E-mail to share prayer requests. You can ask each person to email their requests ahead of time to the group's prayer coordinator. That person can combine the requests and print them to be shared at the meeting. This has the advantage of allowing the group more time to pray over the requests rather than spending too much time sharing the requests. Of course emailing prayer requests can be sent at any time to the group, however urgent requests are still done best by phone.

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