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When the Soul Listens - revised

Author: Jan Johnson
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631466861
Pages: 189
Year Printed: 1999/2017 revised
Finding Rest and Direction in Contemplative Prayer
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Fully revised, with a foreword from James Bryan Smith to introduce a new generation to contemplative prayer.

Do you long for depth and authenticity in your relationship with God? Do you want purpose and daily direction but can’t seem to find the right prayer to receive it? When the Soul Listens will guide you toward contemplative prayer, “the lifestyle that invites us to live each moment with an awareness of God’s presence,” writes Jan Johnson. Learn to find rest and guidance in God, opening yourself to God’s presence and direction through this practical approach.

If you are disillusioned, experiencing spiritual dryness, or simply looking for the next step in your spiritual growth, When the Soul Listens offers a clear path to a fulfilling connection with God.

Introduction: A Different Kind of Life with God

1. When Prayer Stops "Working"
2. The Contemplative Way of Prayer
3. Cultivating a Listening Heart
4. Interacting with God in Scripture
5. Variations in Meditation and Contemplation
6. Focused, Alert, and Attentive?
7. Asking God Questions
8. The Contemplative Request
9. What Usually Happens in Contemplative Prayer
10. Snares: Hearing God with Clarity
11. God Loves, Values, and Empowers Us
12. God Goes with Us to Our Dark Places
13. God Leads, Challenges, and Confronts Us
14. Contemplation and Action
15. A Contemplative Lifestyle
Conclusion: What Difference Does This Make?

For those stuck in a dry, lifeless, impersonal prayer practice, this book is a must-read! - Nathan Foster, Director of community life, Renovare, and author of The Making of an Ordinary Saint

Jan Johnson's warm and honest wisdom illuminates the hidden, often shadowy parts of the interior world and guides us toward truth, love, and service. If you're ready to take that journey, When the Soul Listens is a practical guide to help you better understand yourself and God's purposes in your life. - Mindy Caliguire, Founder of Soul Care and author of STIR: Spiritual Transformation in Relationships.

COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:

"A well-written and finely constructed introduction to the prayer of simple regard."
Brennan Manning, Author of Abba's Child

"If you are seeking a closer walk with God, this is the book for you, and if you are not seeking a closer walk with God, this is the book for you. It is a distillation of practical wisdom from a variety of wonderful sources and from Jan Johnson's own experience. It has already enriched my own spiritual life, and I intend to come back to it over and over."
Kay Lindskoog,, author of C. S. Lewis - Mere Christian and Dante's Comedy - Journey to Joy

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