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Bible Character Study        
Leading a Dynamic Discussion        
Use Word Pictures        
Choosing Curriculum
What does it look like?
Fellowship Ideas        
Creating Real Community
Plan a Group Retreat         
Recruit New Members        
What About the Children
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Responding to Pain
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Avoid Botched Beginnings
Difficult Members        
Setting Group Goals        
New Group, Fresh Start
Assess Your Group        
If Jesus Led Your Group
What Will They Do Without Me
Finding, Growing New Leaders
$100 Seed Money        
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Well Cultured Small Group
A Novel Small Group
Seven Days a Week        
Worship in a Small Group
Prayer - A Core Element
Praising God's Name        
Nehemiah's Guide        
Ways to Enrich Group Prayer        
A Changed Life        
On-line Prayer        
More Ideas for Worship
Teach Members to Pray    
Small Group Thankfulness


Ministry Tools (free):        
Jesus used illustrations from everyday life to explain complex concepts. Parables, as they were called, are extremely effective.

In The Navigators, some illustrations and ministry tools have stood the test of time and have been helpful to many people. These are available free—for your encouragement and for use in your personal ministry.

Tools to read the Gospel of John with friends:        
Investigating Jesus in the Gospel of John (pdf)        
40 Days with Jesus' best friend (pdf)        
24 Hours with John (pdf)

7 Minutes with God         
7 Minutes with God: 7Minutes.pdf 103 kb (print using Adobe Acrobat)

Personal Bible Reading Plan        
Personal Bible Reading Plan: Reading Plan.pdf

The Wheel Illustration        
The Wheel Illustration: Wheel.pdf 173 kb        

The Bridge Illustration        
The Bridge Illustration:The Bridge.pdf 143 kb        

The Hand Illustration        

Journey With God

    Discipleship Library
An excellent library of discipleship materials from The Navigators.
Discipleship Library

Pass-onable tools for leadership, discipleship, evangelism
Created by Bob Walz of The Navigators


The Chosen - Small Group Discussion Guides (free):

The Chosen is the dramatized account on the life of Jesus Christ and the calling of His initial disciples . These free Episode Companions are offered as bread and fish for our Lord’s use in spreading the good news of the Gospels. It's author, Peter McCaskell, lives in Guelph, Ontario.

Season One Discussion Guides
Episode Companion S1-E1
Episode Companion S1-E2
Episode Companion S1-E3
Episode Companion S1-E4
Episode Companion S1-E5
Episode Companion S1-E6
Episode Companion S1-E7
Episode Companion S1-E8


Season Two Discussion Guides
Episode Companion S2-E1
Episode Companion S2-E2
Episode Companion S2-E3
Episode Companion S2-E4
Episode Companion S2-E5
Episode Companion S2-E6
Episode Companion S2-E7
Episode Companion S2-E8


Season Three Discussion Guides
Episode Companion S3-E1
Episode Companion S3-E2
Episode Companion S3-E3
Episode Companion S3-E4
Episode Companion S3-E5
Episode Companion S3-E6
Episode Companion S3-E7
Episode Companion S3-E8