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Spiritual Formation Study Guide - Meditative Prayer

Author: Richard Peace
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891099017
Year Printed:1998
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Our prayers should go as deep as our souls.

In today's society we are often handicapped in our spiritual growth by too narrow a horizon when it comes to spiritual practices. Each generation suffers a kind of collective amnesia, forgetting the practices and perspectives that nourished the countless followers of Christ in centuries past.

Scripture repeatedly invites us to interact with the God of this universe. Prayer is not a minor idea tucked into the cracks of the text, it is central, normative, and expected. Why is it then, that our prayers are so often dry and difficult?

In Meditative Prayer, you'll discover those ways of prayer that make use of your mind and imagination, that address your needs as well as strengthen your spirit. By drawing from a number of different sources this study guide will enable your soul to drink deeply from the inexhaustible well of prayer.


Session 1 - Centering Prayer
Session 2 - Prayer of Blessing
Session 5 - Prayer of Examine
Session 6 - Written Prayers
Session 7 - Prayer of Distress
Session 8 - Prayer Styles and Personality
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