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Becoming a Woman of Prayer

Author: Cynthia Heald
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576838303
Pages: 104
Year Printed:
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God designed women to seek Him in all they do. This Bible study will encourage you to become a woman whose life is characterized by constant conversation with God.
So often we think of prayer as something we do to break through to God-to get His attention and to get Him to listen to us. But intimacy with God is His idea. He has taken the initiative and prayer is His gift to us.
It is an opportunity for us to respond to His invitation to intimacy by calling, crying, and singing to Him. Prayer is being in a relationship with us.

In Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Cynthia Heald will lead you through an examination of what the Bible teaches about prayer. In addition to a thought-provoking Bible study, each lesson features classic quotes from some of the great devotional writers throughout history, a reflection from Cynthia, and a suggested memory verse.


   1. An invitation to Intimacy
   2. Praying in Faith
   3. God's Help in Prayer
   4. Delighting in God
   5. God's Answers
   6. When God is Silent
   7. Lord's pattern of prayer
   8. Intercessory Prayer
   9. Perservering in prayer
  10. Accepting God's Invitation
  11. Sweet Hour of Prayer
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