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Truelife Bible studies - Hagar

Author: Shannon Primicerio
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600061134
Pages: 124
Year Printed: 2007
Target of a jealous beauty queen

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Sometimes Friends Aren't What They Seem. Hagar has landed her first job, and it's a biggie. As the personal assistant to Abraham's wife, Sarah, she has a front-row seat to the birth of God's nation. But the work turns ugly when Hagar finds herself being manipulated and betrayed by her boss.

Now abandoned by Sarah and left with no friends, Hagar is on the brink of giving up. Yet in her darkest moment, she discovers that a faithful God can turn something tragic into a beautiful gift.

TrueLife Bible studies feature real girls facing real problems. Each study takes a look at young women who struggled with issues such as jealousy, hearbreak, insecurity. Yet through it all, they experience a God who loves unconditionally. This series features:

  • A flexible schedule that fits your life
  • Easy-to-read Scriptures
  • Fun personal quizzes
  • Room for journaling private thoughts
  • Ideas to help you set life goals

So while drama is here to stay, you"ll find the wisdom to handle whatever life throws you next.

In addition to writing, Shannon Primicerio speaks at youth and women's events across the globe. She has a BA in journalism and a minor in biblical studies from Biola University and was the recipient of the San Diego Christian Writer's Guild "Nancy Bayless Award for Excellence in Writing" in 2003. Shanon currently resides with her husband, Michael, in Southern California.

  1. Used!
  2. Lessons Learned From Sarai
  3. Hagar's Haughty Attitude
  4. Going Back In Order To Go Forward
  5. When Old Sins Resurface
  6. Where She Left Him
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