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Building Bridges

Author: Fouad Elias Accad
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891097952
Pages: 157
Year Printed: 1997
Christianity and Islam
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Muslims and Christians both worship one God. In fact, they have much in common. Although the history between Muslims and Christians has been strained at best, it doesn't have to be that way. There are many areas of common ground between the two faiths, providing ample opportunity to build relationships.

Fouad Accad grew up in Lebanon and spent most of his life there building bridges between individual followers of Christianity and followers of Islam. His passion was to bring two communities together - Muslim and Christian. What Accad built were bridges of understanding, communication, and love.

Building Bridges provides personal experiences based on a lifetime of understanding the Arab world, as well as research and analysis of the texts of the Qur'an and the Bible to show the similarities between the two. This book supplies readers with the information, concrete examples, and insights necessary when dialoguing with Muslims.

If you want to reach out to Muslims around you, Building Bridges will equip you to build relationships of mutual respect and trust.


1. New Fruitfulness Among Muslims
2. The Qur'an as a Bridge to the Bible
3. A Case for Common Ground
4. A Lifestyle That Leads to Life
5. A Way to View Muhammad and the Qur'an
6. A BAlanced Approach
7. Be Shrewd and Innocent
8. Guidelines for Sharing the 7 Muslim-Christian Principles
9. Principle One: God Has a Purpose for Our Lives
10. Principle Two: Sin Separates Us from God
11. Principle Three: We Can't Save Ourselves
12. Principle Four: The Cross Is the Bridge to Life
13. Principle Five: God's Provision Is a Person
14. Principle Six: Making Him Ours
15. Principle Seven: What to Expect When We Accept       God's Gift
16. Does the Qur'an Support Jesus' Crucifixion?
17. The Bible Was Not Corrupted
18. God Is Preparing Everyone for the Gospel
Book Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm.
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