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Beauty in the Desert

Author:  Eddie Broussard
ISBN:  9781617471582
Publisher:  NavPress
Year of Publication:  2011
Pages:  211
Subtitle:  discover deeper intimacy with God through the model of the tabernacle

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Enter the tabernacle as a new way of devotional life.

Deserts can be harsh, but they also are home to rare beauty.  In the same way, spiritual deserts often are difficult, but in God's hands they can transform lives.

During the desert experiences of his life, author Eddie Broussard needed a way to enter God's presence.  He ultimately found it in the model of the Old Testament tabernacle, which gave him a mental blueprint for intimately meeting with God and reaching discernment in the pressing issues he faced.

In Beauty in the Desert, Broussard personally guides you through the tabernacle, clearly explaining its meaning in light of its New Covenant fulfillment in Christ.  Understanding the tabernacle can lead you to worship that empowers, wisdom that guides, and a knowledge of God that transforms.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1:  The Hooded Crows of Red Square

CHAPTER 2:  A Trailer in a Red Clay Lot

CHAPTER 3:  Treasure in the Desert

CHAPTER 4:  Passport to an Unshakeable Kingdom

CHAPTER 5:  A Model for Devotional Life,  Part 1

CHAPTER 6:  A Model for Devotional Life, Part 2

CHAPTER 7:  "Sister Jones Knows the Shepherd"

CHAPTER 8:  One Thing Have I Desired of the Lord

CHAPTER 9:  The Journey of Discerning God's Will

CHAPTER 10:  An Anchor for Our Soul

CHAPTER 11:  A Crown of Beauty

CHAPTER 12:  The Community of True Worship

CHAPTER 13:  Transformation from the Inside Out


"Deserts are a part of life.  When we find ourselves in these disorienting times, it's hard to know where to begin, but Eddie unveils a path anyone can take into the presence of God.  In these pages, new believers and scholars alike will find inspiration and a depth for their relationship with Him."

Dr. Tony Evans,  senior pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.  Dallas; president.  The Urban Alternative; internationally acclaimed speaker and author.

"Eddie Broussard's unique experiences have come together to form a book of wisdom for those who encounter the desert.  Tapping into the big theological ideas of Israel's wilderness wanderings, Eddie guides us through the tabernacle and then leads us all into the way of discernment.  Read this book and store it deeply because someday you, too, will need it."

Scott McKnight author of One Life:  Jesus Calls, We Follow and The Jesus Creed for Students

"The Old Testament tabernacle was a physical model of the heavenly sanctuary into which believers are now invited to enjoy fellowship with God.  Using that model, Eddie Broussard shows us the proper way of coming to God that we might enjoy the relationship with him that he has designed for us.  Beauty in the Desert is a very helpful and encouraging book."

- JERRY BRIDGES, author of Respectable Sins, The Pursuit of Holiness, and Trusting God

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