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Speak, Lord

Author:  Vic Black
ISBN:  9781631463709
Publisher:  Navpress
Published:  2015
Pages:  154
Sub-title:  Hearing Psalms in the First Person
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“I am your shepherd. You have no need of anything, because I am all you need.”

Do you ever wish God would speak directly to you? The Psalms are filled with the heart cry of a man for his God. But they are also overflowing with the depths of God’s heart for you.

In Speak, Lord, you will learn how to engage with the Psalms in a fresh, dynamic way—hearing them as though God were speaking directly to you. Vic Black, the National Prayer Director for The Navigators, shares his passion to ignite your personal relationship with God by teaching you to interpret the Psalms from God’s perspective. Each chapter provides a psalm rewritten in the first person, words of reflection, and writing prompts and devotional thoughts to encourage you on your own journey in engaging in the Psalms. As you enter into this collection of meditative devotions, you can be sure to hear words of rescue, encouragement, and hope deep in your soul.

If you are hungry for more of God, he is ready to satisfy with new spiritual practices found in Speak, Lord.

Table of Contents:
1.   Psalm 1: Who Is Affecting Whom?
2.   Psalm 2: The Nations Versus God
3.   Psalm 3: A Shield Around Me
4.   Psalm 19: Creation Speaks of God
5.   Psalm 25: No Shame
6.   Psalm 27: Whom Shall I Fear?
7.   Psalm 34: Taste and See
8.   Psalm 42: What Do You Do with Despair?
9.   Psalm 46: Be Still and Know God
10. Psalm 51: The Penitent Sinner Seeks Forgiveness
11. Psalm 62: Wait in Silence for God Only
12. Psalm 73: A Dangerous Comparison
13.Psalm 81: Do You Listen to God?
14. Psalm 84: Well-Worn Paths to God
15. Psalm 91: Unusual Protection
16. Psalm 92: Even in Old Age I Praise You
17. Psalm 100: A Psalm of Thanksgiving
18. Psalm 103: Bless the Lord, O My Soul
19. Psalm 121: Where Does My Help Come From?


“The most authentic words ever written are those that
originate from God. Vic had been praying for new insights in
Psalm 23 when the thought was given him to see this psalm
as though it were written in first person . . . as though God
Himself were speaking these words to him. The question may
arise: ‘How can I trust that these thoughts came from God
to Vic?’ Several of us who know Vic have testified that he is
trustworthy. Vic’s life is evidence of his deep relationship
with God. You can trust what Vic has written. He is passing
on to us what God gave him. As the psalms have come alive for
Vic, they can come alive for you. I highly endorse this book.”
Founder of The Navigators Prayer Ministry and author of Praying from
God’s Heart and Approaching God.

“Since all Scripture is breathed out by God, I find it helpful to
restate a verse about God as if God Himself is speaking about
Himself. Vic Black has taken this concept to a new and deeper
level in his treatment of entire Psalms as if God Himself is
speaking. This book will encourage anyone who wants to
develop a more personal relationship with God.”
Bestselling author

“Vic Black has been a friend and a mentor in prayer for me
for many years. He is a man who lives what he teaches. The
concept of Psalms in the first person is one that will accelerate
every person’s prayer life and their engagement with the Lord
Jesus. Grab a copy—it will put a fresh wind in your prayer life.”
President of The Navigators
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